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Search Help

Required and Prohibited Search Words
Attaching one of the following operators will either require or prohibit words from appearing in the search results. 
[ + /
 Attaching a + (plus sign) to a word requires that the word be found in all of the search results.

[- / AND NOT]:
 Attaching a - (minus sign) in front of a word requires that the word not be found in any of the search results.
Search for exact phrases using quotation marks (" ")
Putting quotes around a set of words will find items with those exact words in sequence.
Wildcard Matching (*)
Attaching a * to the right-hand side of a word will return left side partial matches.
Search Command Summary
Here is a summary of the search commands available to you:
Search for Command Example
One word AND another
Use space between words
Use AND between words
Use + between words
computer monitor
computer and monitor
computer + monitor

Returns listings with the words computer and monitor.
One word OR another word1 OR word2 movie or video
Returns all listings with the words movie or video.
EXACTLY these words "word1 word2 word3" "computer hard disk"
Returns listings with exactly the words computer, hard, and disk in that specific order, separated by a space.
One word AND NOT another
- (minus sign)
word1 -word2
word1 AND NOT word2
computer -used
Returns listings containing the word computer and will exclude all items containing the word used.
Any words starting with a SPECIFIC SEQUENCE OF LETTERS *
(asterisk symbol)
Returns listings with words starting with "comp" such as computer, compact and company.

Combining the Syntax
You may combine any of the query syntax as long as the syntax is combined in the proper order.

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