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Auctions Help

How do I sell an item?

Selling an item with AllMusicSearch Music Auctions Auctions is easy:

  1. Register.
    In order to sell on AllMusicSearch Music Auctions Auctions you must register.
  2. Click on the "Sell" .

  3. Find the appropriate category for your item..
    Browse through the auctions directory to the category that best matches for your item. Look for similar items within that category. Be as specific as possible when locating the correct category -- this will help potential bidders find your item.

  4. Fill out the auction submission page.
    Once you've decided where to place your item for sale, you'll need to fill out the submission page.

    Here's a quick list of the information you need to provide on the submission page:

    • Title - Describe your item in a simple, straightforward way. Uppercase letters, multiple exclamation points, and excessive sales hype in your title create problems and will be automatically removed. Clear, accurate titles help buyers find what they're looking for.

    • Enter a description - Provide facts and details. How old is the item? What condition is it in? Where did you get it? The more information you provide, the happier your customers will be.

    • Enter your sales policies and shipping information - Choose the payment and shipping methods that you prefer. These policies will be posted on your auction for bidders to view. If you would like to post additional information about your payment and shipping policies, we suggest you do so in your auction description. If you are willing to ship your item(s) internationally, be sure to check the box next to "ship internationally." This lets international bidders know that they can bid on your auction.

    • Choose quantity - Auctions are typically for one item. Auctions with a quantity of identical items (e.g., 50 Furbys) are called Dutch auctions.

    • Choose your starting price - This is the offering price for your item when bidding opens. We suggest that you set this as low as possible to encourage bidding.

    • Set the length of your auction - You select the number of days that your auction will be open for bidding (from 2-10 days).

    • Select additional selling options -Customize the following selling options as auction preferences. You may select these features at submission time:

      • Reserve price
      • Buy price
      • Closing time
      • Auto-resubmission

  5. Preview your auction - After you've filled out the submission page, you'll see a preview of your auction. Take the time to look your page over carefully for typos, broken images, and bad links.

  6. Upload Photo - After you preview your submission page you will be next able to upload files to our server from your desktop computer.

  7. Submit your auction - Preview and check your auction page, then click the "Submit" button.Your auction is now live.

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